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I'd like to take a moment and introduce myself, My name is Keith Barker and I started Chestnut Ridge Tea Co. because of my personal health experiences of drinking green tea.  Being a true southerner I LOVE sweet tea however, the sugar had begun to adversely affect my health. So one day after discussing my problem with a close friend, I was introduced to a variety of teas and as the old saying goes "the rest is history". 

I can personally testify that I have managed to remove most all sugar from my daily diet and my health is better for it.   Now I use honey to sweeten only the teas that require a sweetener, and  as you know honey has its own healthy properties. I use only pure raw honey sourced from the cool North Georgia Mountains, delicious nectar of the Gods!  Stop in today and sample the same awesome honeys that I use here in the tea shop and purchase your favorite flavors.

Now let me tell you about my teas!

I choose only responsibly sourced, Fair Trade teas found in the finest tea regions around the world.  My suppliers travel to these regions many times a year sampling and choosing only the finest, best tasting teas to bring back here just for you to enjoy!  Our teas arrive in our shop vacuumed sealed in foil bags and we only open them when we need to dispense the tea into our containers inside the shop.  This process ensures you are getting only the freshest, best tasting, teas available. 

I want to personally invite you to visit us and experience a tea shop like no other!

We are located inside Chestnut Ridge Hearth and Home at 109 W College St Bowdon, GA 30108.   


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